Shark Species
This is algorithmically determined by the block hash and completely beyond the control of game developers since no one can predict the block hash before the block is mined.
Valid Catching Time
The monsters that appear are only valid within 200 blocks, and if not caught, are gone forever.
Minimum Catching Power (CP)
  • The Minimum Catching Power is the amount a player is required to pay in order to catch a Shark.
  • The Minimum Catching Power scales with genus groups; rare Shark will require a higher catching power.
  • The Minimum Catching Power increases periodically based on the total Shark population and can be subject to future governance.
  • Players pay for Catching Power by in-game currency Energy
Available Amount
There may be more than one Shark (of the same species) available to be caught on a catch block. If that available amount drops to 0, any transaction sent to catch the Shark in that block will be reverted.
Success Rate
Not every attempt at catching a Blockchain Shark will be successful. The success rate represents the chances of catching a Shark. If the player fails to catch the Monster, the dedicated Energy amount would still be deducted. In general, the rarer the Monster, the lower the catching success rate.
Catching Booster
There is a base catching success rate for each species. Players can further increase the success rate by using more Energy as β€˜catching booster’.
Shark Stats and Perfection Levels
Each Shark’s battle attributes vary and are random at the time it is caught. Sharks caught from the same block are always of the same species, but will have different stats and perfection levels.
Blockchain World Difficulty
The Minimum Catching Power and success rate will be adjusted over time to ensure a balance between supply and demand.
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