A whale, a shark or just a "fat man". This is how the slang of investors describes someone who has very big capital - dollars, bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. By implication, the whale is the biggest investor. Often this term applies to investment funds, banks and other such large ones corporations. The shark is usually called a rich individual investor. The term fat can refer to both types of cryptocurrency investors. All these terms are very conventional and slang. They operate both on the cryptocurrency market as well as on the traditional stock exchange.
The blockchainists rang the alarm and alerted all the affected blockchains. Behind closed doors, they consulted with the army with gunners and hatched a plan to fight this growing threat. There were too many sharks for one nation to deal with, so the plan was to empower regular people around the world to help fight back and defend the blockchain universe.
These fighters were called β€˜Sharks Killers’. Their mission is to protect the blockchain world to ensure the stability of our global system. The game creators built a special glove that allowed Gunners to interact directly with the blockchain and hunt the Sharks, as well as battle bad Sharks to burn them off the blockchain.
However, there are too many Sharks, and the Gunners need more recruits. Come and join us as a Sharks Killer and help protect the entire blockchain Metaverse
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