Let's discover what will be displayed on Crypto Kill Shark's NFT stock. Drop by our Marketplace (hyperlink redirect to MKP) to purchase 1 weapon in order to start the wide hunt with us. Our goods include 5 types of mystery guns with different stats that will be randomly revealed when you buy 1 NFT. The stats of guns will oscillate between the milestones mentioned on the board below:
Types of random NFT Gun
Especially, when you luckily own 1 super legend gun, you can bring it to the staking feature and earn yourself a passive reward. To make your army become more powerful, we are pleased to add the evolving mode for your guns following the recipes: Note: For all types of guns, we apply the following general formula 1⭐️ -> 2⭐️ requires five 1-star guns: 50% failure
2⭐️ -> 3⭐️: requires five 2-star guns: 60% failure
3⭐️ -> 4⭐️: requires five 3-star guns: 70% failure
4⭐️ -> 5⭐️: requires five 4-star guns: 80% failure
When you evolve the guns , all stats will increase exponentially. This formula will be explained In the example below: Any 2-star gun will have their stats twice as strong as a 1-star one with the same type. Similarly, any 5-star gun will have their stats five times stronger than a 1-star one with the same type. With evolving feature, we are pleased to bring you more benefits & opportunities to earn
πŸ’°Evolve is also one of Crypto Kill Shark's NFT burn mechanisms πŸ’₯
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